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Weight loss: So that you have a significant effect on the improvement of BP.9 is shown, weight loss, weight gain, important and effective for the management and prevention of high BP in obese individuals and overweight is a strategy. According to the study, the reduction of 22 pounds body weight, resulting in a decrease in SBP of 20 mmHg.4 latest guidelines between 5 mmHg, obese state that individuals overweight and obesity should aim for weight loss 10% of the 6 of a decrease in food consumption can increase: the period.9 weight loss time of months, if it occurs at a rate of about .5 to 2 pounds week.9 per Furthermore, weight loss, simultaneous lifestyle of these it be caused by the adoption of action is recommended, physical activity is the most effective, and behavioral changes strategies. Alcohol moderation: This is every day or less, we recommend that you wait (2 drinks a day for one drink per day for women, men) to consume alcohol in a moderate amount of adult things. One drink is defined as 12 ounces. 1.5 ounces of regular beer, or 5 oz wine,. Of 80-proof distilled spirits. Rather than consumption per day, Moderation, refers to the average consumption of several days. It is possible to reduce the BP of him or her by the mmHg of 2 ~ 4 mmHg through that hypertensive patients who consume large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis to limit the level.4 alcohol intake moderately

Reduction of stress: Transcendental Meditation (TM), psychosocial stress was shown to be the most effective way, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, a recent review, the cardiovascular meta-analysis comparing the effect of stress reduction techniques I reduce the BP, which provides evidence that contribute mortality.10, 11. TM can be of 2.8 mmHg, reducing the measured value of SBP and DBP in hypertensive patients by respectively.10 and of 5.0 mmHg The use of tobacco is one of the most important risk factor for the health of many other cardiovascular disease, and cancer: smoking stop. Among the physiological changes other, smoking and DBP BP experienced SBP normal after that caused lead to hypertension.12 study to measure the effect of non smoking of heart rate and found BP major changes, an increase in peripheral vascular resistance at 1.9 mmHg 3.5 mmHg in each of 1 week.13 subject reduction and, one week after the end. After being encouraged to support the patients of the person's smoke in the efforts of non smoking his strong, health care professionals of all first week.13, including a pharmacist, a decrease of 7 beats per minute or more In addition, 0.12 (please see the link in Resources) resting heart rate