The Artist

I live in St Louis, Missouri where I am happily living with my husband, a child psychotherapist. We have been friends for 27 years and married for 25 years.We have two black labs, Katie and Scout.

I have had dual careers (artist and art teacher): My life long interest in making art began at 4 when my parents bought my first set of finger paints and I discovered a world I’d never known. 60 years later with numerous degrees (BA, MA, and MFA, all in painting and one MA in Art Education), art is still a world of mystery and excitement to me, one I’ll never know fully - never intend to know it fully

I suppose you could say that I have eclectic interests in the Arts and in Nature: Modern Dance, Jazz, American Popular Music, Classical Music, an appreciation of design, painting and sculpture; Theater and French movies; gardening and sitting in my back yard in the gazebo. Walking in neighborhoods in Chicago, in NY, DC, Boston, Paris as we go to and from art museums, spending time in Michigan on the Lake.

My life includes: Beginning a day with my husband which is planned and then creatively changing the plan to fit our moods; Our 900 sq ft house which we populate with art that touches us and makes us laugh; Anything that trumps chores; Anyone who enriches and expands us as a couple, and as individuals.

All of this informs the time I spend in my studio.

photo of the artist by Dona Corben  Please feel free to contact me and I will respons as soon as possible.  Thank You Sheila

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