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I want  to welcome you to the creative space from which my ideas come. This space seems to be like a low electrical hum.

For me it is the hum of perpetual noticing - the curve of an eye lid, the angle of a thumb, branches of a tree against the sky, the space to the right of the head, the colors in a shadow.

As a child I discovered a delight in the visual experience of colors and shapes instead of words that enchanted me then and has enchanted me for life.


Some questions I've been asking myself are:    

How can the abstract and the real complement each other?

A prominent architect recently stated: "We architects must ply our trade so that people live better lives." What does this mean for me? How does this apply to me?

Why does Gestural * Art mean so much to me ? 


I would like to try to answer this last question. I like the physicality of gestural art - my arm in motion -and the chase - chasing light and movement.

Even a face which seems still and colorless or a winter tree that looks bare and black - what can I see in the "stillness" and the "blackness."

Gestural painting rescues the true from the assumed and the authentic from the everyday idea of what the object looks like.



 What I like about gestural work and all my other work is the joining of seeming polarities. The mind meanders, slipping from one impression to another, from reality to dreamscape and back again. No one is freer to leap in any direction, to hop from visual thought to visual thought.

But the marvel of it is out of apparent causelessness, out of a scattering of idiosyncratic rendering, a coherent world is made. It is coherent because, after all, an artist must create - bring anew, and every artist, whatever the means, arrives at a sound and singular frame, or call it, a theory or account of the universe.


* An asterisk after the title of a painting indicates it is a gestural painting.

Some of the wording which appears above was adapted from Cynthia Ozick's Introduction to The Best American Essays 1998   

Please feel free to contact me at and I will respond as soon as possible.  Thank you, Sheila.


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